2022.09.14 @ychbn

Reddit is a peace of shit.

I've just seen some question on reddit and decided to write some more-than-a-few-lines answer in hope that it will be useful. Comment box was editable, "comment" button was active. So I spent about 10 minutes writing comment, formatting it, and when I pressed "comment" button, fucking "please register" pop-up window appeared. A few minutes later I became a happy reddit registered user, with empty comment. It just disappeared. Thank you, bastards.

2022.09.07 @ychbn

List of books read is updated.

2022.08.30 @ychbn

I've been using Sublime text for text editing (not programming) for about 2 months. It's a great editor with right defaults. Going to buy it.

2022.08.29 @ychbn

The first real commit in the Go repository contains two directories. One with a specification file, another one with a hello.c file. More about it.

2022.08.12 @ychbn

First thing that I explored when was trying Fossil SCM for the first time is that it hasn't such thing as "staging area". All your changes are candidates to be commited by default.

2022.08.07 @ychbn

Publii looks really great. That is what I missed in my Hugo setup.

2022.08.07 @ychbn

Original post

Gravity Falls was ended, not canceled. Source

2022.08.05 @ychbn

Girl drinks milk

2022.08.04 @ychbn

I've switched to Fossil for source version control of this blog . Think it's pretty fine for personal projects.

2022.08.04 @ychbn

I've seen a great idea on Pearsonified's website about how to handle own twitter-like posts. He has created some tool for his wordpress theme with cross-posting to Twitter. I haven't a Wordpress site (and Twitter accout too), but implementing simplified version with hugo isn't hard. This is first test post of such feature on my blog.