Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker, so please forgive me for a large number of mistakes on the site

Micro editor: intro


Micro text editor is a cross-platform terminal-based editor. It uses generic keybindings (like Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v, Ctrl-z ) and has really nice mouse support (for terminal based editor).

Micro editor screen Micro editor screen



You can download a prebuild binary file here. You are interested in an archive with the name like “micro-2.0.11-win64.zip”. Download the archive, then unpack somewhere (it may be “Program Files” directory, or any other).

Then, you need to add this directory to the PATH environment variable. It will allow to run micro from inside of any directory. Otherwise, you’ll have to run micro only from the directory where the micro.exe is located.


I have not tested it on Linux, but documentation says that micro can be installed via package managers:


It should work on Macs, but, as with Linux, I’ve not tested it. Here is the link to docs.

How to run

Open a terminal app and type micro. On Windows, beside running micro from the terminal, you can just double-click on the micro.exe file.

Basic keybindings

What makes micro cool is its default settings - most basic hotkeys works as you would expect:

Mouse commands

Micro has great mouse support - you can move cursor, select text and interact with other UI elements with a mouse.


There are not so many plugins, but they’re exist. You can find plugins at Micro plugins directory. Then, click on a plugin and copy the command for plugin installation, for example:

$ micro -plugin install filemanager