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Waste on the planet

2021-05-05 #waste #planet #plastic

We all know about this problem - people produdce tons of waste of many different types. Here I collect information that I found on the web about waste recycling and environmental

protection, plus my own thoughts about this.

Make a habit of healing our planet: https://fab.earth .


Everything You Need to Know About Paper Recycling

Pdf booklet about how paper is recycled in Belarus(I'm from Belarus, so it's important):

Макулатура –не отход. Это волокнистое сырье(pdf)

It seems like the paper is the most recyclable waste for now. But paper recycling still

requires huge amount of water and still produce a lot of CO2.


Quick tip: crush plastic bottle before you put it to bin.

This way recycling bin can hold more bottles.

Plastic recycling is a myth: what really happens to your rubbish?

ОТХОДЫ ПЛАСТМАСС (пластика)(pdf)

Again, booklet from target99 about plastic recycling in Belarus.


A web-site about plastic pollution. Very impressing (in bad sence of course).