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Trello doesn't hide your secrets

2021-08-16 #trello #privacy #services

There is one reason why I don’t use Trello for personal tasks, and it is the card URLs - they have the same name as the card title.

For example, suppose I have a board with my personal tasks, and in this board I have a card “Call mom”. The URL of this card will be something like trello.com/blah-blah/blah-blah-call-mom.

What is wrong with this? Well, if you and only you(and always only you) use the computer from which trello is usually launched, then it is not a problem at all. But if someone else has access to your browser, or maybe a friend has gave you his laptop for a while, and you have used it to launch Trello in a browser, then you have a problem: even if you logged out, the browser’s history will contain all urls which you have visited.

— (you) Hey Johny, can I use your laptop for five minutes, just need to have a look at my today’s tasks.

— (Johny) Yeah, of course.

— (you logging in, watch your tasks, click on some cards to see theirs description, logging out) Thank you, Johny.

— (Johny opens the browser, wants to open some web-site, for example theguardian.com. He presses “t”, and browser pop-up recent history urls. Sadly, Trello also starts with “T”. Johny sees this:

Trello card url in browser history

Johny did not ask you to inform him about this.