Pldoc - documentation generation tool for PL/SQL, 2022-07-17

A tool to generate documentation for PL/SQL.

Pltap - testing utility for PL/SQL, 2022-06-29

A package for testing PL/SQL

Building Delphi application with Python, 2022-03-14

How we have been automating our Delphi application’s build

Emacs for mortals, 2022-02-16

This short document is the compilation of suggestions to turn Emacs into a more intuitive editor.

Audit techniques in RDBMS, 2021-12-26

This article will tell you about some techniques that can help you to track changes which were performed on database tables.

SQL tutorial, 2021-11-24

Learn SQL easily.

A message to young people from Andrei Tarkovsky, 2021-11-21

I don’t know… I think I would only like to tell them to try to be able to live more in solitude, to love to be alone with oneself more often. I think the problem with the young people today comes out of their effort to connect on the basis of “loud” actions, sometimes even aggressive ones. This desire to seek connection to not feel alone is a very unpleasant kind of symptom, in my opinion.

Fat Emacs cursor, 2021-10-04

One of the most strange things in Emacs for me.

Roll a dice in a search engine, 2021-09-29

Roll D20!

SQL puzzle: Calendar, 2021-09-09

My solution of an interesting SQL puzzle.

Tim Berners-Lee: Simple things make firm foundations, 2021-09-07

So we should always be looking to make a clean system with an interface ready to be used by a system which hasn’t yet been invented. We should expect there to be many developers to come who will want to use the platform without looking under the hood. Clean interfaces give you invariants, which developers use as foundations of the next layer. Messy interfaces introduce complexity which we may later regret.

Trello would not hide your secrets in browser, 2021-08-16

Trello for personal use? Only on personal devices!

Music recommendations, 2021-08-03

Music I recommend you to listen.

PL/SQL notes, 2021-07-11

Compilation of notes related to Oracle PL/SQL language.

Current plans, 2021-07-11

Planned changes for the blog.

Waste on the planet, 2021-05-05

We should do something.

Quora does not work without javascript, 2021-04-26

Stupid website.

Problems with search engines, SEO etc, 2021-04-17

The Internet was planned as a good thing.

Back to html, 2021-04-04

Gemini is nice, but lacks of some features.

Moving blog from jekyll to gemini-based markup files, 2021-02-21

Trying to go underground.

Privacy policies of some services, 2021-02-02

List of privacy policies, where services tell users that the users are a product.

DuckDuckGo is not private, 2020-12-09

There is nothing more to say.

Classless css to make site look nice, 2020-11-19

Style your pages by just including a CSS file.

Turn off Disqus(javascript) for blog, 2020-10-04

Today, I’m going to disable disqus comments on my blog. The main reason why I’m doing this is that I don’t want to run even one line of third-party javascript on other people’s browsers. For more detail info I’ve attached network logs from Firefox developer tools for one of my posts on this blog, one with disqus enabled, and second with disabled disqus comments Disqus enabled: Disqus disabled: According to these logs, my content loads faster than its comments.

How this blog looks in emacs browser, 2020-09-11

Even better than in browser.

Sick, 2020-03-24

Hope it's not coronavirus. Anyway, pornhub offfers free access to pornhub premium until 04.23. That's will give me the power to get well.

Drone and ambient music, 2020-03-17

In Love with drone and ambient music since about 2014.

Web sites with minimalistic web design, 2020-02-22

Links to lighweight websites.

Openssl for text files encryption, 2020-01-07

How to use openssl for files encryption on Linux and Windows.

Спам на электронную почту, 2018-09-29


Альтернативные замены популярным сервисам, 2018-09-19

Выбор есть.

Генерация карт в Dwarf Fortress, 2018-07-28

Смотрится действительно круто.

Космические рейнджеры, только на Linux, 2017-07-23

Жаль только, что там нет эпичных текстовых квестов.

Linux hacks compillation, 2017-01-16

Linux commands that may be useful, but I definitely will forget them.

Что прочитал, 2016-07-05

Книжная полка.