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Tried to use Windows on laptop for 2 weeks. Arghh, no. Not because Windows is bad, but because I used to work with some set of programs, and their usability on linux is very fine. But not on Windows.

Warning! Bad english (I try to learn, so I decide to write some posts in english).

To work with git on Windows I need to download special build, which go with linux terminal emulator(msys32). And I have to run git-bash.exe If I want to use git. This window must always be open for comfortable work(I don’t want to write tons of cd commands to change working directory).

This site is generated with Jekyll, so, I need Ruby to make this work on Windows. Ok, googling… Yes, Ruby Installer on Windows should work.link to project. This installation provides windows command prompt with ruby integrated into it. Again, I need to run this terminal separately from git terminal. Also, I have to use Windows commands, not commands from linux. For example, to change current directory in git window, I print command cd D://projects. Not so easy on Windows with ruby terminal. First, I need to print D:. And only then, I can execute cd projects. According to this answer on superuser:

Going back to the days of DOS, there’s a separate “current directory” for each drive. cd D:\foldername changes D:’s current directory to the foldername specified, but does not change the fact that you’re still working on the C: drive.

Maybe I should do some research for GUI applications on Windows, thats fit my needs, but not today.

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