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Syncing and editing text files with github

Almost all of my notes and todo-lists lives in plain text files. So, it’s always was a problem to sync this files across all devices.

Warning! Bad english (I try to learn, so I decide to write some posts in english).

Yes, I know about dropbox and other cloud things. But the problem is that I haven’t access to Dropbox from my office computer - security department gone crazy.

I tried to split all information into “Work” and “Not Work” types, but this method sucks - sometimes at work I want to add something to “Not Work” category, and vice versa.

Few days ago I decide to create private github repo for my text files, just for version control. Later, I opened the repo in browser and seen the edit button at the top right corner of frame with source code. Click… Wow, I can edit files online and commit them! I’m not heavy github user, and really didn’t know about this feature.

That’s all what I need - At home, I just fetch repo, commit when I want to sync data. On android device I can edit files directly from browser, at work I have access to github, so I can edit files from browser too.

I hope that this will be my last technology swith to syncing my notes and todos.

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