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Audit techniques in RDBMS, 2021-12-26

This article will tell you about some techniques that can help you to track changes which were performed on database tables.

SQL tutorial, 2021-11-24

Learn SQL easily.

Waste on the planet, 2021-05-05

We should do something.

Recent posts

Pldoc - documentation generation tool for PL/SQL, 2022-07-17

A tool to generate documentation for PL/SQL.

Pltap - testing utility for PL/SQL, 2022-06-29

A package for testing PL/SQL

Building Delphi application with Python, 2022-03-14

How we have been automating our Delphi application’s build

Emacs for mortals, 2022-02-16

This short document is the compilation of suggestions to turn Emacs into a more intuitive editor.

A message to young people from Andrei Tarkovsky, 2021-11-21

I don’t know… I think I would only like to tell them to try to be able to live more in solitude, to love to be alone with oneself more often. I think the problem with the young people today comes out of their effort to connect on the basis of “loud” actions, sometimes even aggressive ones. This desire to seek connection to not feel alone is a very unpleasant kind of symptom, in my opinion.

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